April 22, 2017

Vim: generate phpDocs automatically

For a long time I have used the famous PDV phpDocumentor. It’s great but it has some flaws and is not longer maintained (Latest commit on Dec 9, 2015).

Meet php-doc-modded

Luckily there is php-doc-modded!

The plugin adds:

  • support for php5.4+ array short syntax
  • support for php7 return types
  • option for enabling class docs or not

Update phpDoc function

I’ve written a litte function that that updates the phpDoc if it exists:

nnoremap <leader>h :call UpdatePhpDocIfExists()<CR>
function! UpdatePhpDocIfExists()
    normal! k
    if getline('.') =~ '/'
        normal! V%d
        normal! j
    call PhpDocSingle()
    normal! k^%k$
    if getline('.') =~ ';'
        exe "normal! $svoid"


  • if there is a @return annotation but no php7 return type hinting the existing one will be overriden with @return void
  • @throws annotations are deleted